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DARK COVEN is a genre platform seeking to discover, develop and produce compelling horror, thriller, sci-fi and grounded fantasy for film, TV and new media from traditionally underrepresented voices. 

We believe that accessibility and community are magic, manifesting opportunity and resources for all. 

Our sigil was designed by witch, writer/director/producer, and Dark Coven founder Kelly Krause. Crafted with purpose, it reflects our mission, values and ethos.

THE CIRCLE represents continuous movement and growth; we are here to generate momentum for indie creators.

THE TRIANGLE represents manifestation and balance; we seek to make equal opportunities for underrepresented creators.

THE COMPASS represents guidance and direction; we are both students and teachers and look to be a guide and mentor for others.

      , or Beith, is from the Irish ogham and represents change and new beginnings; we are here to shake up the entertainment industry and define a new normal for representation and inclusion.

        , or Oir, is from the Irish ogham and represents community bonds; we recognize that change cannot happen without mobilization and are ready to work together toward a common cause.

       , or Coll, is from the Irish ogham and represents "the life force inside of us", our very creativity; we are artists and creators—‘nough said.

          , or Ng, is from the Irish ogham and represents leadership; we are on a mission to "set things right" and support the growth of parity in the genre space and beyond.

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