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DARK COVEN believes that the power of indie filmmaking lies in its collaborative nature and freedom of creative expression. We aim to establish a production methodology that supports crew and cast members and values their creative contributions, from preproduction through distribution. Our system seeks to ensure that everyone holds a stake in a project and has access to its assets. 


​The following standards will evolve and grow through our projects and the active contributions of our partners and teammates:

  • Establish and maintain clear communication channels, beginning in pre-production, that outline the project scope, goals, schedules, expectations per role and project status/updates.

  • Establish and maintain transparency about project budgets and pay rates, beginning in pre-production, and ensure that rates are equitable and scaled to the budget.

  • Establish and maintain a collaborative environment; all crew and cast should feel that a project is collectively theirs—there is no room for ego.

  • Establish hiring processes that support gender, racial and economic equity.

  • If a project will be distributed (beyond festival screenings or similar), profit-sharing and its associated stages/parameters will be established in crew deal memos.

  • Identify the needs of each crew and cast member on a given project and ensure the budget will meet those needs. (e.g. food/dietary/nutrition; mobility/accessibility; transportation; childcare etc.)

  • Establish daily hour caps and overtime limitations with the active participation of all crew and cast; ensure that daily and weekly breaks (i.e.. "weekends") are accounted for and meet established labor laws.

  • When necessary, provide overnight accommodations for crew and cast.

  • Establish and adhere to a zero-waste sustainability plan that addresses the unique environmental impacts of each project via adaptive reuse, recycling, green drinks systems etc.

  • Ensure all crew and cast have access to project assets (to showcase their individual contributions).

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